About 2 years ago on a whim I took a five day pottery class in Paris from a native New Englander and great instructor (Alexis Duclos Terrienne). Then about a year later with pottery still on my mind I spent a few weeks with Jonathan Clardy (an old climbing friend) at his pottery studio in Chattanooga (423 Pottery Studio) and have been hooked ever since, so much so that I decided to dedicate part of my workshop to this craft.  My pottery learning journey continues every day and I look forward to sharing that journey with you. 

The pottery collections featured on the site are inspired as much by the past as by the present.  I was born and raised in the American South, my wife in the African South.  We both traveled extensively before and after we met.   From these travels I have learned much and been inspired by the people and places we have visited.  The place we currently call home is a 300 year old farmhouse about an hour from Paris.  Much of my time over the past few years has been devoted to renovating our old farmhouse and restoring “la grange” – a previously uninhabited by humans barn on the property in a state of (almost complete) ruin.   That now (almost fully) restored barn – The Birdhouse - will house the new onsite store and a soon to be opened (once Covid allows us to get back to our normal lives) gite.  For those interested, you will find a blog on this site dedicated to the exhausting, infuriating, at times head-scratching and expensive labor of love done singlehandedly by these carpenter / woodworker hands to restore this beautiful old stone building into a functional “for humans” space.    

Which brings us back to the start of my journey – as a woodworker.  Growing up down the road from the Johnson Brothers custom cabinet making shop planted the woodworking bug from an early age – they were always happy for me to stop by and look around and I was always amazed by their projects and old tools.  I went on to work as a carpenter/woodworker for 25+ years and this love of “all things wood” continues to this day which is why you will also find a blog on this site dedicated to my woodworking projects with a strong focus on reclaimed / repurposed wood. 

I also recently started a YouTube channel for documenting my pottery journey as well as sharing the adventures here at the farmhouse and welcome you to follow along as it all unfolds.